About Us

The American Middle East Press Association, or AMEPA, came into existence during the summer of 2023, focused on fostering a deeper understanding of Israel and enhancing comprehensive coverage of Israel within the broader context of the Middle East among American media. However, following
the events of October 7th, the organization’s purpose took on a heightened sense of urgency. 
AMEPA is staunchly non-partisan and is not affiliated with any governmental entity. It serves as a trusted resource for journalists looking for experts and spokespeople on the current conflict – and inthe not-too-distant future, beyond.
We serve as a vital connector between national broadcast and print news organizations and diplomats, elected officials, top military and NGO authorities. This is in addition to serving as a link to subject matter experts within technological, agricultural, and socio-cultural arenas.
AMEPA regularly provides media professionals throughout the U.S. with news, facts, background information, research, and analysis. We facilitate journalist-access to experts and officials, organize press briefings in America. AMEPA also organizes press delegations to Israel where journalists can
meet top leaders, government officials, and other public and private sector experts to learn first-hand about the country and its many opportunities and challenges.

What We Do

We arrange delegations to Israel where journalists can meet top business and scientific leaders, government officials and other public and private sector experts, to learn about the country firsthand.

We host proprietary meetings exclusively for journalists in major U.S. cities with private and public experts on Israel and the Middle East. We also host frequent virtual meetings with these top experts.

We provide a platform where journalists can interact and share information both in the U.S. and in Israel. We serve as a valuable source of key contacts for journalists searching for quotes and interviews with experts and spokespersons.

Who We Are

The American Middle East Press Association (AMEPA) is an independent U.S.-based non-partisan,
non-profit organization founded in 2023.

We are funded by private donations, and we are affiliated with the non-partisan Europe Israel Press Association.

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